The Rational for God.

  1. If you ask enough questions eventually something has to come from nothing. Nothing cannot create nothing therefore something had to start something. There are scientific theories for this nothingness but I feel they are pretty weak. They just assume there were random cells just floating around which caused the big bang. But again where did they come from? Something must have created them.
  2. The idea of the creator as some sort of old man in the sky is a historical depiction of god which is quite irrelevant today. Nowhere in the bible is god described in human form other than when he appears in Godly form as Jesus . We are made in his image. But what does that mean? Does that mean on a physical or spiritual level? Jesus was man in flesh but god in spirit. (If you believe) So then are we not made in his image by spirit more than flesh? That aside, the point I’m trying to make is that God is far more illusive as an image than the historic man in the sky depicts. It was an attempt to describe something that is indescribable. (A picture of my perspective of god above)
  3. Whether you like it or not, if you don’t follow god, the old testament god, the world of sin, the lack of his presence in your life will still exist. He will still call you to him but you wont be in his favour. Take a look at your life. Have you ever behaved yourself as best you can and noticed the benefits? Have you gone against what you know to be right, only to end up more sad more depressed more lost?
  4. The world is not just a random object floating around inconspicuously. Scientists will claim that it is either random that we find ourselves here or part of an evolutionary fluke. I am not disagreeing that evolution is generally a solid argument for our existence. But I dont think this is an argument against God. We are floating around on a ball of rock spinning at the perfect speed to give us the perfect amount of light, falling into the perfect space away from the sun where it’s not too hot and not too cold, have a moon that is perfectly placed to ensure the tides move in sync and the perfect chemical forms on the planet to sustain life. The list is endless. It is all too much of a fluke to be a fluke.
  5. Why do moral men and women stand so highly in our society (in our minds and in our depictions of greatness) and have the biggest lasting positive impact on our lives? From Martin Luther King, to Abraham Lincoln, to Winston Churchill, to the Queen, to Malala Yousafzai, to Mahatma Gandhi, to Mother Theresa. Where do these people get such strength to persevere? You could argue that there are many who do not believe who do great things, just look at Elon Musk. Yes the man who smoked pot on an international podcast and played games with the stockmarket. How considerate of him. Lest I judge too harshly. I can see his offering to society is far bigger than 99.9999% of the population. Yet that does not make him above the law or again morality or in my eyes god. And that doesnt mean he knows everything there is to know. He was born at a particular time with a particular set of skills which are highly valuable today. Had he been born 1000 years earlier he may well have been mince meat in some sort of small scale war.
  6. Without a God we have no way of telling right from wrong. Without god, without Christianity we have no way of telling what is actually true. As in without a supreme being, anyone can call the shots. You could think it ok to shoplift, I may see it as bad. Who is right? Well in certain circumstances, I’d be tempted to say it’s ok. I.e. you have no money and you are starving so it’s ok to take some food. You may say it’s ok at anytime. Who’s right? Well according to God we are both wrong. But without him, we can make our own judgement. Admitting we don’t have all the answers leaves us with no one to turn to but him. Without him we could rationally make the point that anything is right rather than wrong. Truly anything. The Nazis were 100% wrong but they managed to convince an entire nation of their argument. Rational is not above Gods morality.
  7. Your search and need for love, vindication, a reason; this indicates that this world is not going to fill that for you. Trying anything and everything to finally be happy or content, I promise, will never fill the void. It is all temporary. The well of God never ends and it will leave you full if you drink from it. To deprive yourself of it will leave you empty and filling yourself in the world around you. That just is. It happens all around us today. You know it. I know it. How many people do you know say they are finally happy? And how many of them do you truly believe?
  8. Once you start this journey into faith, the experience speaks more than any words of other people ever can. I have had some sereal moments. Mostly experiences within me, and subtle but in the long run significant changes in my life. There’s nothing that can take that away. They have happened. I wouldn’t call them miracles in the modern sense of a spectacular event but they are certainly blessings which I have had no control over.
  9. The people in the Church. Are much calmer, much more friendly, have far less “open" wounds, and are far more supportive than any of the people I have met outside of it. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely bad examples of churches who spend all their time condemning or all their time happy clapping. But the church I have found is perfect for me (again all with gods work not mine).
  10. Good and bad exists whether you like it or not. There is no grey. There are good actions and bad actions. Some which fill you up, others which taint you. It’s pretty simple. It exists. Again whether you like it or not. If you feel bitter or angry or resentful. You may want to look at your actions and assess was that Good. Not good for me or necessary. Was it good? If the answer is no then you have something to work with. But again good and bad exists. Science will never be able to explain this, psychology attempts to and leaves us trapped within a labyrinth of humanistic, animalistic principals which place us below the godly image that the bible places us in.



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